Relationship between CpG methylation and chronic fatigue syndrome

CpG methylation

CpG islands are regions of the genome where CG sites occur at a high frequency. The current research project investigated the relationship between the expression of different CpGs and the incidence of chronic fatigue syndrome. For this purpose, the GSE59489 dataset was used, and the methylation profile was investigated in twenty-four female samples. Considering that methylation occurs in CpGs, the experiment dataset was prepared in the form of methylation intensity in CpGs and different cytosine-guanine islands of the genome in different patients.
The samples of the present research project included 24 people, including the control group (n=12 healthy people) and the CFS group (n=12 people with chronic fatigue syndrome). The training and test accuracy in this tree reached 87.5% and 62.5%, respectively. The main tree node, column 65435, is one of the positions whose p-value is approximately 10-5 and is known as one with different and significant expression intensity.

This project is carried on at Bioinformatics Camp (BioinfCamp), with the help of projects team, and under the supervision of Mr. Roohparvar. 

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