Investigating gene expression profile of Campylobacter jejuni bacteria in wild and antibiotic-resistant strains

Campylobacter jejuni bacteria

An attempt was made to analyze the resistance network to different antibiotics in Campylobacter jejuni bacteria. So far, this bacterium has shown resistance to many different antibiotics; therefore, serious concerns have been raised in the treatment and control of Campylobacter infections.
The gene expression network of this bacterium, in response to Ciprofloxacin and Novobiocin, was investigated. DEG analyses, differential gene expression, and ontology of genes were conducted along with protein-protein interaction network investigations. Also, the results were compared with other antibiotics used in the previous articles, including Erythromycin, and this bacterium’s comprehensive antibiotic resistance network was obtained.
The results indicate the modularity of this resistance in various fields, such as bacterial motility, capsule synthesis, efflux, and synthesis of amino acids and sugars.

This project is carried on at Bioinformatics Camp (BioinfCamp), with the help of projects team, and under the supervision of Mr. Roohparvar. 

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